August 19, 2010


This post will be dedicated to nail polish and all the girls that can't live with boring nails x)

In this picture are some of my fav, well...... my fav brands in fact:

What I like about Orly is that they have a huge gamma of colors and the Glosser is just amazing makes the nail polish look brighter and last more, then is Ole is a spanish brand that you could find at Wal- mart I not sure if is it all Wal-marts, but those are really good too and what I love about Ole apart from the colors is that when you used neopolish to take the nail polish off, you never get stannied even if your taking away a darker color as red or black that makes them unique! and the last but not least are the ones called: Collection is a mexican brand that has the most cute pastel colors and dries really quick aswell doesn't cheap easily.

Here are the Couture ones:

The color I like the most is black wine from Estee Lauder and Vernis 840 from Dior, and the little Dior one with the golden label is one of my treasure because it belongs to my mom and it has over 20 years.

Hope a nice weekend to all of you!



Kara Marie said...

i want that dior collection :)

Vale said...

wowww the Dior collection!!!

Fashion Matters said...

wow tenes una colleccion genial!!

y si hablo espanol porque tengo muchos amigos argentinos que no hablan hebreo muy bien.. y aprendi de habalr con ellos y de mirar novelas cuando era mas chiquita..