October 02, 2010

Hello October

This month is the best one and is just because is My Birthday! haha, here are some photos that I love from october's Vogue Mexico. I'm seriously thinking to get one of those funny frames so it! this year, but I don't know yet what color will they be, red, pink, green, there is so many, Can I have them all?


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love the fourth picture! so pretty! =)


blivbook said...

We love the red frames, they are so retro but fresh too!

Cheers, B & Liv
B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

Missariadne said...

Lovely post!

Emma Hoareau said...

amazing photos- haven't seen tiiu on a cover for ages!

Unknown said...

Loveeee the editorial <3

Bakcocó said...

great post

xx charmediem*

Front Row Mode said...

Would love for you to join our Prada Giveaway


Catita said...

las imagines estan tan bonitas, y m encanta el pinta labio rojo de las chicas!!

Angie He said...

Somos super parecidas
también me enloquecio esta revista,
en cuanto la vi la compre :D