December 04, 2010

10 Things I Love

Since The Dandizeete tag me on her "Ten things I love" post I have decided to do it her way… Besides the music, family, friends etc the 10 things we all usually love, here's my top 10 I love the most at this moment.

Aswell I have to mention that you should check her blog, is great the way she writes always with a touch of chic-sarcasm she just started blogging and she is good!

Let's begin:

Firstable of all my current obsession is with a city that I'm dying to be in.

1. Amsterdam.

2. Ana dello Russo.

My current inspiration for all the eccentricness, everytime I doubt wearing something daring, I think of her.

3. Gold.

Since the last couple of years I have a very strong attraction for golden things, I really preferred it over silver/gray.

4. Fur.

Oooooh I love fur, it always make you look elegant, even if you are wearing one of the simplest things, fur will always make it look better.

5. London.

One of my favorite cities from all the time, the eccentric fashion, their accent, the britsh look, Gooooosh a lot of things.

6. Tribtoo YSL.

My dream shoes at the moment.

7.YSL ring.

A breath take ring.

8. Stamp by Marc Jacobs.

The perfect arm candy- never out of place- for day or night, just perfect.

9. Orange by Victor Rodriguez.

He is an amazing mexican post-modern painter that lives in New York, all his work is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You can check some of his paintings here.

10. Audrey Hepburn.

A classy always will be on my top ten inspiration things, being classy will be always fashion, no matter the time, the place or how. We have to make this world a better place.

Now I will tag 6 more fashion bloggers that are great!

1. Style ninfa

2. Cat in dreamland

3. Tokyo Blondes

4. Mitica Illustrations

5. Brooklyn Blonde.

6. I'm your fashion manneaquin


Angie He said...

¡Hay que linda eres!
Esos zapatos de YSL también son mis sueño :)
Amo a Audrey, esta muy interesante el trabajo de Victor Rodriguez, lo seguire checando.
Me diste una nueva idea de post.
xoxo, Angie

Marie said...

Fun tag!:D

I like your picks and I completely agree with #10!:D

***** Marie *****

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Hola querida amiga! Su blog es hermoso. Si tiene tiempo, visita mi blog de viajes, que está en Inglés y en Griego Travelling

Unknown said...

hey girl!

great post! lovely <3

Dee O. said...

Gorgeous post!! I love everything here, I want that YSL ring & those shoes as well! And I've never been to Amsterdam besides being in the airport when I was on my way to England lol but my sister went there for New years last year and she said it was awesome! And Anna Dello Russo is amazing as well!


Unknown said...

love the YSL ring and the tribute xxx

SiempreYO Fashion & Lifestyle said...

Hi there!!

Gracias for your sweet comment on my blog. Would be SO proud if you'ld copy it to the new domain: :)

You have beautiful pics on your blog, keep rock girl!


Sarah said...

The shoes are ring are GORGEOUS!

Debora said...

wonderful stuff and pictures, I seriously love them !!!!

Nice blog dear :D

Catita said...

hey sweetie! thanks for the tag, I'll try to get back to you this week on it as next week I am on holiday!
And I love your first answer about AMsterdam, come see me I am here ;)
PS: and we all love the YSL ring!

3ate4 said...

Will have to check out more of Victor Rodriguez' work!

Fashion Matters said...

hey thanks! fabulous post!
I also like the shoe and the ring (;