December 09, 2010


I have many news for you, maybe some of you already know... anyways. As you may remember at the begging of this year, we have our dearest Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper for MAC, so far is been the most successful campaign ever for Viva la Glam, that's why next year Lady Gaga will be again collaborating with MAC in a solo for the brand.

I know this will make happy a very special person, Andreissima, hope you like it.

I also leave you the new single from the pop princess, Britney Spears, Don't hold it against me, pretty good I have to say.

Hope you enjoy it.


k said...

thanks for posting the brittney song! pretty good.

Mon Cheri said...

YAYY..lady gaga for Mac !

thanks for the hair tips, they helped :)

Talk soon, Cheri xox

freyja said...

lady gaga is so beautiful !!!

thanks for visiting my blog :)

Maryjane said...

I'm looking forward to what they will be offering.

Maryjane xoxo

Unknown said...

lovely pic!!!


Marie said...

That would be one interesting collection!:D

The song is actually not bad.

Have a wonderful weekend!:D

***** Marie *****

Emilie said...

cool pic... :) And that new song of Britney isn't too bad... :)


The Dandizette said...

Is thsat Lady Gaga? She looks quiet tame!!! Can't wait to see what she comes up with though.


Unknown said...

Ella es genial!! Me encanta!!

Un besazo!

Catita said...

that is great news about MAC and Gaga! I can NOT wait ;)
ANd Britney is back! ahahha, good to know and for her ;)
PS: Sinterklaas is like Christmas in the Netherlands and it all depends of your family but some celebrate it and some celebrate Christmas instead. I would say Sinterklaas is more for kids and there are many gift exchanges and surprises!

Cucu said...

I'm a big MAC fan :D


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Very nice indeed! Have a wonderful day.

Violet E. said...

cute pic

Norwegiantage said...

cool blog:) im your latest follower!


freyja said...

This is not britneys new song, it's fake !! I've heard her new song and it's WAYYYY better,