January 05, 2011

Window Shopping

Here are more pictures of Las Vegas, have to say my favorite place was the forum shops inside The Caesar Palace, the place is huge and GORGEOUS! not all the photos are from the forum shops... also I love The Cosmopolitan hotel is like to be inside sex and the city literally, the place is all glam, every little corner is so posh and you can get wifi all over the place x) ok this is the first time I publish so many pictures but theres a lot I want to share with you.

Where's Carrie Bradshow?

Where's the wedding?

Fashion Mall Las Vegas


Unknown said...

Lovely pics!
amazinnnnng Big shoes!! <33

Annushka said...

Wow))) I love this photos dear)))
your blog is lovely!!!

The Dandizette said...

Stunning! I love the mannequin Christmas decorations too!


De Vero said...

Window shopping is really fun sometimes ;)


eliza said...

Oh my gosh, dying of jealously! ♥