January 12, 2014

Puebla, Puebla

I spent my winter holidays in Puebla, it's been like 12 years since the last time I was there and it is much more beautiful and magical than what I could remember, it's such a historic place, full stories in every corner, very colonial. I think this was definitely the best choice, you could take pictures in every spot, the weather was perfect, the food, OMG the food, I had a food coma for real, but how could I deny the pleasure of having such delicious dishes?, anyway, this was a very good trip, and that is the reason of the picture overload, hope you like them and have a nice weekend- almost- Monday.


Unknown said...

hey sweetie
just found your blog and it is so lovely!
love your style and clothes!
wanna follow each other?


Lauren said...

All of these photos are just so stunning and I love your outfit!


Adela said...

Looks like a lovely place :)
Adela x


noradulce said...

Wow beautiful architecture. You look amazing as well. I love your outfit. Thank you for your comment. Let me know if you want to follow each other to stay in touch. Have a great day.