March 04, 2014

Enjoying the last days of cold weather and bringing back the spring, this hat is one of the winter sales I scored, because I've always  wanted something like this and I could  never find the right one, but Adolfo Dominguez made it possible, it's just the right fit, the material and the buttons, gold buttons. As well as the bag that is so versatile, I think the canvas and the chain make the perfect combination of sporty and chic. I must not forget the blazer, Oh the blazer, this was such a love at first sight, even though it took me ages to have the courage to wear it, guess you know why?, but now I think this is going to be a MUST for this coming season. 

photos by aguamara audiovisual 

Cap and bag- Adolfo Dominguez 
Blouse- Julio 
Blazer- Wild & Alive, only at El Palacio de Hierro 
Leggings- Top Shop 
Nails- Dior Trianon Collection No. 204
Booties- Melissa 


Unknown said...

Adorable look!! Love your style and you look so pretty <3

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Hugs and kisses

Unknown said...

Great combination. This Orange jacket is special and I adore the hat :)

Sabrina said...

me encanta la chaqueta! el toque perfecto de color, te sigo ya! te espero en mi blog, besos ;)

Adela said...

Love your blazer. Cool look.
Adela x

Unknown said...

Holy cow, your neon blazer is AMAZING. Lately i've been craving neon, all that Spring is getting to me [;


Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

orange perfection! super chic!

XO Meghan
citrus fashion