July 18, 2010

New horizons

The other day I was checking about fashion courses in uncommon places. Most of the time, when we think in fashion, the answer is simple: we always think Paris, Milan, London or NY and is not that I have something against that but... Why?! When we can find a lot more interesting places to go to and that have very good options.

All this started when I was waiting at the airport... hahaha good place to think... I most said that it was one of the most inspiriting travels I have EVER made, but that is not the point. So I started my research, Oh God! thanks Google exist! haha and I found a very useful page: http://www.redlightfashionamsterdam.nl/ this website is about an event that embroides on turning talent into bussines, as the page said. You could find a lot of new designers and here is one of my favorites:

She design high end fashion shoes. " I combine haute couture fashion with a socially concious ideology".

July 13, 2010


Rings, rings, rings, I think rings are the loyalty of accessories, is like the most elegant timeless piece, can show who you are, always can rock an outfit!
Here some of my fav rings: