January 21, 2019


"Celine 02: A London Diary. Polaroids of the British Youth." 

Favorite looks from the collection. 
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London calling

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January 17, 2019

Horst P.Horst, Portrait of Gertrude Stein Wearing Balmain Suit, 1946

December 03, 2018

Will always love a good hair do

Untitled, 1965- 1974 (published 2003), William Eggleston
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November 28, 2018


These pictures are like poems, mysterious, innocent yet you are not sure, melancholic maybe? romantic for sure, but why?

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November 19, 2018


This week was the Film Festival in Florence, Lo Schermo dell'Arte, Kusama- Infinity, was presented, of course one of the most attended (if not the most attended) of the screenings. Inspiring would be an understatement. We all know her or at least her work, but her history, that's a completely different thing; to know more about her childhood, her obsession, how she saw dots in everything and everywhere, and how some of the most famous artists of her time stole her ideas, was frankly a shock. I liked her work before, but now I feel not only admiration but respect and a strong feeling of always believing in yourself.