December 29, 2013

Austin baby

I think this is my most favourite dress- outfit ever, I've been living in these boots the last few days, they're so comfortable, definitely the best buy of the season 

Trenchcoat- Burberry 
Dress- Juicy Couture 
Collier De Chien- Hermes 
Boots- Franco Sarto 
Bag- Cloe 

December 15, 2013

Juste Parfait

We're back and that is: juste parfait! 
Bring back that Chritsmas spirit 

Sweater: Zara 
Bag: CLOE 
Leggings: Top Shop 

November 03, 2013

The Mary- Kate booties

Back in 2006 Balenciaga created such an obsessive pair of booties that everyone lusted, but as we are not all Ashley and Mary-Kate, we humans can not afford a pair of those; so Sam Edelman tought about us, and he created the Zoe booties for all of us. Finally after 7 years (that sounds (is) A LOT of time) I have them and I love them!

Faux fur- Misko
Sweater- MK 
Leggings- Zara 
Bag- Purificación García 
Booties- Sam Edelman 

October 29, 2013

To the left, to the left

Do not ask me why? but I was just staring to the left and I think those were the best pictures, so it's to the left and well.. This wall, I wasn't getting enough attention with the neon scarf ( I didn't want to get hit by a car) so I decided we should go to the graffiti wall to make the outfit pop up, I hope we have accomplished the mission and I hope you like it

Sunnies- Celine 
Scarf- Me 
Trench coat- Mango 
Leggings- H&M 
 Bag- Purificación García 
Boots- Flexi 

October 21, 2013

Layer on

With this weather were it's chilly and it's not, you have to be able to put up and put down, so here a layer on, in a mix of textures. 

Sunnies- Celine 
Denim jacket and fur bag- Mango 
Gingham shirt- c&a 
Leggings- H&M 
Boots- Flexi 
Rings- Vintage, Roberto Cavalli, Tiffanys

October 06, 2013

Hello October

So finally we are having some autumn weather, for a city that is usually over 25ºC being able to take our  (light) jackets out is lovely. To celebrate we took the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target bag (belated) to take a ride downtown. Let's celebrate October and wish to keep this weather.

Sunnies- Celine 
Jacket- Rachel Roy 
Pants- Wild & Alive 
Bag- 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target 
Booties- Melissa

September 29, 2013

Happy Sunday Everyone 

A red dress can make anyone happy. This dress is so versatil, I can wear it for day or night, formal and casual and the fit is amazing.

Dress- Mango 
Bag- Purificación García 

September 22, 2013

Hello Autumn, nice to see you again!

Sunnies- Ray Ban 
Blouse and trousers- Mango 
Bag- Purificación García 
Watch- Swatch 
Arty ring 

September 15, 2013

The sun comes and goes 

Knit shirt- Made by my Mom 
Vest- Wild & Alive 
Pants- Mango 
Shoes- La Fenice 

September 08, 2013

NLF Season

So here is it.. Make your bets 

Cap- tshirt- NFL 

Flare jeans- Juicy Couture 
Sunnies- Ray Ban 

Accesories- Marc by Marc Jacobs, JC, Pull & Bear

August 31, 2013


Ok, so with all this madness about not only the fashion month going to begin, the Phillip Lim for Target collaboration and the crisis in Syria, Anna Wintour just delighted us with her first "selfie" on instragram, such a blast! 

So here we are all mortals and no so mortals doing our best to be "voguestagram", this was my best shot, what about yours? 

Sunnies- Prada 
Rings- YSL, Vintage and Tiffanys 
Bracelet- Juicy Couture 

August 25, 2013

Panthzebra pants 

When I first saw these harem pants I thought of the Givenchy Nightingale panther tote from 2011 so I immediately bought them, but I had never dared to wear the pants until now, 2 years later, I know it's been a lot of time but every time I decided to get rid of them I couldn't, so I'm glad I didn't and finally I have worn them, so tell me what you think?

Sunnies- Ray Ban 
Necklace- Palacio de Hierro 
Shirt- Mango 
Watch- Swatch 
Platforms- Perugia 

August 18, 2013

Hot weather, summer leather

Sunnies- Ray Ban
Necklace- El Palacio de Hierro 
Blouse- Rachel Roy 
Leggings- Top Shop 
Bag- Purificación García 
Shoes- Prabal Gurung for Target 

August 11, 2013

Unexpectedly Heart Shapped 

After being going around the juniors department I just found this dress which I think has an incredible design  not that is the revelation of the year, but it has the perefct denim tone, perfect fit, side pockets (I love it!) and that vintage air, so I couldn't leave it alone in the store.

Silk scarf- Vintage 
Denim dress- Levis 
Bag- Sanrio 

August 04, 2013

Tie dyeing 

The dress of the summer. I'm not a huge fan of tie dye things but this... was The Dress, perfect for this summer vacation, festivals and more, I think this is one of those pieces you can use every year, so I took it as a one time opportunity. 

Tie dye dress- Wild & Alive 
Friendship bracelet- Juicy Couture 
Watch- Swatch