June 23, 2013


I saw this wall a couple of months ago and I have always wanted to take pictures on it but for whatever reason it had been impossible... until now, so I'm really happy to share these pictures with you, I think they're kind of different.

Tshirt- Xtees
Bag- Vintage 
Wedges- Steve Madden 

June 16, 2013

More Floral Pants (dot) 

Necklace- El Palacio de Hierro 
Shirt- Me
Pants- Julio 

June 03, 2013

Vintage Florals 

This is one of those seasons where you think, how did I manage my life without a certain kind of *insert item here*? so as you can see, I have not been able to live without this bag and these shoes, so here is one outfit more, with the same shoes and the same bag (I'm sorry, I'm not sorry) 
I have a certain attraction to look like 'old colours' or look like vintage shades, so I decided to put them all together. The blouse is a Rachel Roy xl, but I wanted to have it so much, that I bought it, I got it fixed and at the end I think it worked perfectly. 

Blouse- Rachel Roy 
Pants- Unknown 
Shoes- Nine West